Kuroko’s Basketball Season 3 Episode 3

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Haizaki’s skill is not copying a move he’s seen once, but to “pillage” it. Kaijo starts to be cornered as each player’s signature plays are sealed away. Even Kise, who has a variety of moves thanks to his Copy skill, starts to run out of stock moves as the game progresses. Furthermore, the fierce game pace puts Kise’s leg close to its limit… The groove is completely with Fukuda Sogo at an advantage, causing frustration as the Kaijo team couldn’t move as they wanted. Kise finally kneels down, but at that moment, a cheer from Kuroko reaches him from the audience. Kise stands up once again as if to answer that voice and uses his new skill Perfect Copy to start the comeback run!

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Episode Name:Don’t You Get In My Way

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